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plcombs Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers-Auctioneers of Asian art and Chinese antiques since 1979

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First a bit about us.

Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers

WE BUY CHINESE ANTIQUES, porcelain, bronze, jades, silk, estate Collections and individual items

During the last 36 years, our sole business has been to assist and advise heirs, collectors, and executors in the valuation and sale of Asian art. Including objects from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. We're

also established active buyers at regional as well as international auctions for inventory and for our customers.

Decades of Experience

Over the decades we've bought, sold and brokered the full spectrum of objects in this market on a daily basis.  We can advise and guide you on what is in high demand with strong values and most importantly navigate the market for you when selling or buying.

We believe our extensive experience and understanding of this fluid market enables us to expertly serve our customers regardless of the situation. We've seen first-hand the evolution of the Chinese and Asian art collecting as it expanded over the years. The changes have been stunning in ways that were unimaginable nearly 40 years ago.

We also believe we represent buyers and sellers better than anyone in New England. Call us, we will gladly come to you without obligation or can meet with you in our offices on Main street here in Gloucester, Mass.

What can we do for you?

  • Appraisers: For insurance or estate purposes. Including equitable distributions and charitable donations.
  • Dealers: Single items or collections bought outright.
    18th C. Kangxi Incense Burner, ex CorneII University Collection.
  • Consignments: Items can be sold on your behalf based on a commission structure.
  • Auctions: As experienced, licensed auctioneers, we can sell your collections directly, or arrange to have them sold anywhere in the world.
  • Collection Building; We can advise and assist you in the acquisition of objects for you own collection. We can, as your buyer-representative, at auctions, bid and arrange for the delivery of acquisitions as well as provide valuations for insurance coverage.

Areas of Expertise, plcombs, Chinese-Asian Art Dealers-Appraisers

  • Ceramics; Fine Chinese porcelain and ceramics of all periods, including export examples.
  • Carvings;  Jades, hardstones, large sculptures and jewelry.
  • Metals; Antique bronze castings as well as Chinese gold, silver, and Paktong.
    rare kangxi yen yen vase
    Rare 18th C. Underglaze Blue Celadon Yen Yen Vase
  • Scholar's Objects; including; brush pots, wrests, and washers. Scroll weights ink stones and other table objects.
  • Paintings; Scrolls, screens,  page leafs, ink rubbings, prints and other mediums.
  • Buddhist Art
  • Furniture; Tables, chests, cabinets, hanging racks, stools, beds.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, or eMail us with images. We reply promptly and will happy to assist you.

Call us at: 978 283 3524, Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5: 30 PM

Or eMaiI us at:

Our Services

Building Asian Art Collections | Help

Asian Art Collections: If you’re a collector and would like our assistance and advice in making selections, we can do that as well.

Selling A Collection

Selling your collection ? This can be accomplished in two ways. We can arrange to sell your objects on your behalf either via auction or directly to one of our customers. We can also purchase your items outright if you would prefer.

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