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plcombs Chinese-Asian Art on YouTube

About plcombs Chinese-Asian Art on YouTube, helping our customers and friends stay informed about the Chinese and Asian art market. 

Why we do them. A few years ago it occurred to us, that very few video's could be found on the web which provided much timely information on the Chinese and Asian art market. We found even less for collectors, hobbyists, and dealers when it came to identifying and learning about objects. Sure there are a few on great rarities, like the 35 Million dollar Chenghua Chicken cup or the Guan bowl that brought millions, but nothing or very little about the "real world" environment of things you're very likely to encounter. 

What we talk about and share every week

  • eBay Auction Results. An enormous number of folks who buy, sell and collect, do so through eBay. Contrary to many people's perceptions about eBay, sellers around the world sell millions of dollars of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Tibetan antiques pass through the massive site each month. While many of the items offered are fakes and copies, with a little looking and knowledge authentic things can be found. Each week we review the auction results of items sold during the previous week. many if not most of them had been posted on our sister site's weekly Auction Catalog Newsletter page.
  • Major Auction House Previews and Auction results. We for professional reasons keep a close watch on the world auction market. We also like talking about what's going on and sharing our thoughts with our visitors and friends. So we make video's to talk about things before they are sold and again post auction.
  • Learning about Chinese-Asian Art. Over the last few years, we've done a number of video's on identifying fakes and real examples. A couple are fairly long with dozens of dozens of examples for comparison. We've also done one of carved Rhino horns and other on porcelain types from Famille verte to monochromes. 

Take a look

So check it out, please do subscribe and tell us if there is an area or topic you think we might do a future video on. 

Chinese-Asian Art Videos on YouTube
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plcombs Chinese-Asian Art on YouTube
plcombs Chinese art and antiques on You Tube

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