Building Chinese-Asian Art Collections

Building Chinese-Asian Art Collections

Building Chinese-Asian art collections is a very personal endeavor. For some, it's a lifelong process started at a young age, perhaps while in college, or later in life, once the children have all been launched. Some collectors began with a few inherited things which provided a spark of interest and foundation on which to build. 

Since 1979, we've handled tens of thousands of pieces of Asian art. Every piece had a story to tell, very often it's a fascinating one. We've had  Imperial porcelain brought back from China by missionaries in 1890, they were amazingly terrific. We once found Rhino horn carvings bought from CT LOO then forgotten in a Maine Summer cottage kitchen shelf for 70 years.  The family was delightfully surprised! 

Over the last 36 years we've seen all kinds of collections, from broad-based to very specific with regard to period and medium. Virtually all of them with any longevity have evolved as the collectors "eye" was exposed to new categories which then was either integrated or built as an entirely separate collection. 

If you're a collector and want to work with an experienced dealer in building your collection let us know.

  • We can be a second pair of eyes to augment your own.  
  • We can make suggestions, help authenticate and examine pieces for you before you make a buying decision.
  • Additionally, we can attend auctions or galleries on your behalf to examine and make acquisitions, thus keeping your purchases private. 
  • Appraisals can be kept up to date by us, making sure everything is properly insured with photo archives records in the event of a loss. 
  • When it becomes time to sell a few things or everything, we're right there to handle it on your behalf or for your heirs. 

If you think you might benefit by talking with and engaging us, get in touch with us. Tell us what your objectives are, we can help you achieve them. 

Thank you, Peter L. Combs

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Building Chinese-Asian Art Collections

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