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Fine objects from New England collections and estates.  Including fine paintings, Song ceramics, Ming and Qing Porcelain. 

All inquiries are welcome, we're always looking to buy outright single items and entire collections. We also accept consignments, our rates are more competitive than auction houses and can usually be sold in half the typical waiting time. 

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Chinese-Asian Art Inventory

plcombs Asian Art

18th to early 19th C. Chinese Immortals Painting (A very large painting)

A very large and charming watercolor and ink framed painting. The scene depicts a nocturnal scene of Chinese immortals and women at the conclusion of a celebratory feast. The group, seated beneath a large and very old pine tree below a moonlit sky. With inscribed poem and artists signature on left. Size: 6.5 feet long and 4 feet tall (approx) Condition: Good, on board.

Chinese Song Dynasty Black Glazed Bottle Vase

Condition excellent, not cracks, repairs or damage. 5.25 Inches Tall, Provenance: Ex-CorneI University Museum Collection

16th C. Ming Dynasty Buddhist Painting (LARGE)

16th.c Chinese Ming Dynasty Buddhist Painting, from a beacon Hill Boston Estate. A large finely detailed Buddhist painting with a depicting figure on a throne flanked by 2 attendants bearing a ribbon banner circling his head. Before him is a group of four acolytes amongst swirling clouds. The colors and pigments are all soft and untouched. Provenance, from a Beacon Hill Estate in Boston MA, purchased around 1910. Please Note This is a large framed painting, It is extremely heavy due to its size it regrettably can not be shipped other than by a furniture company or freight forwarder. Packing and crating is the responsibility of the buyer. We do however welcome pickups and will deliver at no charge anywhere within 100 miles of Boston. We are located in Gloucester MA. Condition: Good condition, not examined out of frame. Size: 65.60 Inches long by 41.25 inches wide Frame Size: 67.50 inches long by 41.25 inches wide

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