Chinese famille rose porcelain

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain History | Video

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Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain History
18th C. Famille Rose vase

Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain History, 300 years

The Chinese Famille Rose porcelain history is a pretty fascinating one.  How this enamel, first developed in Germany found it's way to the kilns of Jindezhen as well as the workshops in the Imperial Palace is a story in itself. Not to mention the lasting impact it had, not only in China but globally to this day. 

Famille rose was the final palette adopted by porcelain decorators during the final years of the Kangxi period.  Within a couple decades hit its peak in quality becoming ubiquitous in the collections of not only the Emporer's court but the wealthy social classes from China to Europe, including the collections of Kings. 

The unwavering demand for Famille Rose has now lasted 300 years. 

A Brief Video By Us

Famille Rose and its History