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Selling Chinese-Asian Art Collections, Single or Multiple Items?

Selling Chinese-Asian art collections requires several key ingredients.  Not the least of which is knowing what exactly is being sold and what the market values are. The next big question is where and how? After all,Buyers Chinese porceIain art not all dealers and auctioneers are equal, or even close to it.  

During the last 35 years the market for Chinese and Asian art, has changed enormously. Prices for finely carved antique jades have skyrocketed in value, as have fine "Chinese taste" porcelains, bronzes and paintings. However, prices for more typical examples of Chinese Export or "China Trade" items have risen more modestly. Regardless, the markets for both categories are enjoying seemingly an unending interest among collectors around the world.  

To optimally take advantage of these higher prices in this resilient market does require significant expertise when it comes to accessing it successfully. This is where we can help, we know the market and have been closely involved in it for decades on a daily basis.  

What we can do for you:

  • We buy single items or entire collections.
  • We can tell you the CURRENT market value(s) of your item(s).
  • Explain the possible venues available for the sale of your property and how we can accomplish this for you. 
    • Auctions, the positives, and negatives. Fees, timing and where.
    • Direct sale(s) to established dealers and in what country.
    • Direct sale(s) to collectors.
    • Direct sale(s) to museums or other institutions.
    • Donation(s) to tax deductable institutions. 
    • Aide and advise a negotiated sale(s) to family members or friends. 
  • ALL of the above may also be the best option. 

We also think the entire experience for our customers should be an enjoyable one and most importantly stress-free and as simple as possible. 

If you're faced with handling the sale of a collection or perhaps just one piece, speak with us about it. We REALLY know the market and our fees are highly competitive.  If you just want to sell something, let us know we welcome all inquiries. 

Thank you, Peter L. Combs,

Gloucester, MA

Selling Chinese-Asian Art Collections

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